MBA CET 2021 – No Normalization?

Hi! I hope the latest update on MBA CET 2021 admission process has reached you and you have started filling the CAP (Centralized Application Process) form.

In the past, the CET cell has always released the absolute score and percentile of all the candidates in a PDF which they have not done this year. Till CET 2020, the difficulty of CET across four slots used to be more or less similar. In such cases, normalization or no normalization doesn’t impact too much. But when the difficulty levels of the individual slots are significantly different, normalization becomes extremely important.

This year, as most of you are aware, there were several issues:

  1. To begin with, there was no sectional split and all the 200 questions were presented in jumbled manner in a single section – deviation from what was initially informed.
  2. Different slots had different number of questions in each of the sections with some students reporting close to 80-90 QA questions in one slot and some reporting very few abstract reasoning questions in another slot.
  3. The slots had different difficulty as well – Day 3 slot 1 was considered to be the easiest whereas slot with advanced math questions was considered to be the most difficult.
  4. The results were temporarily visible through a link and reported only the percentiles. They later informed everyone that it was a technical issue and the final scores would be released later.
  5. The final scorecard contained only the percentile and not the score of the candidate.

Today, CET cell announced the Centralized Admission Process. Once you start filling the form, in the second step, you will be able to see your CET score. I gathered some initial data (and you can help me in this research by submitting the data through this form) and the result was surprising. Two people, same score, two different slots. That’s possible only if they have NOT normalized and just put all the raw scores together and calculated the percentile.

I know this is a small sample but you can clearly notice the issue:

How is Day 1 slot 1, Day 1 slot 2, and Day 3 slot 1 even comparable? Especially when people have come back and reported huge differences in the number of questions in individual sections and overall difficulty. Another data point which raises a question on the percentile calculation process is how similar the score vs percentile data is if you compare the 2020 and 2021 result. A 105 raw score in the year 2021 and the year 2020 is 97.18 and 97.07 percentile respectively. Are you telling me that the score distribution in these two years is as close as it can get? Where is the number of candidates across slots data? Where is the number of candidates at a certain score data? Where is the total number of takers data?

There are so many unanswered questions with this result and it reminds me of some of the poorly conducted tests – SNAP 2020, CMAT 2021, CET 2015, etc. After SNAP result last year which had a similar problem (different difficulty levels, no normalization), I had written a post on the blog after capturing score vs percentile data. An excerpt from that post:

This was not the result that you deserved. However, don’t waste your time fighting over it. There is a chance that nothing will change (Not taking a pessimistic stand here but I’ve seen more test seasons than most of you and know how these things unfold).

I will update the table after receiving more responses. Please update your data here: CET 2021 Scores

Wish you guys all the best for the CAP rounds. Do comment with your thoughts, share with friends, and don’t forget to subscribe 🙂

6 thoughts on “MBA CET 2021 – No Normalization?

  1. Mayank


    What can we do now, I scored 124 marks (99.54 percentile) in slot 3 and that slot was difficult as it had the maximum number of advanced math questions. If normalization would have been done, I maybe would have stood a chance of getting JB. I am very disappointed with the result.


      1. Mayank

        No, the unofficial link was not working when I had checked. I checked the official result and thought that it must be normalized and left it at that. I gave up on getting JB this year and was preparing for CAT. Yesterday when I read this blog, I checked my score in the CAP form. Can I do something about this? I am only targeting the top 20 clgs so should I fill the CAP form in the hopes that something will change? People are saying that most of the toppers are from the 5th slot due to this, which is really unfair if true.


  2. Anonymous

    Sir, I am an IMS student and I have a chance for jbims this year. But taking into consideration the late commencement of college this year, will there be an issue for the 2021 batch?


    1. PS

      No. It wasn’t a big issue for the last year batch either which also started pretty late. You miss out on college experience but that’s what everybody has gone through anyway in the last two years.


  3. SR

    Calculating percentile till 7th decimal was just a hoax. I am sure people with same score have same percentile in final merit list irrespective of a slot. They actually did normalization with MCA CET. If you see the merit list, candidates from easier slot got less percentile even if their score are higher than others (difference is minimal though and they had just 2 slots I guess). They didn’t do it with MBA CET probably because it would be hell of a task to determine the order of individual raw score with respect to difficult instead of NUMBER SERIES. So, as you said it correctly, they just combined raw scores of all slots and used total numbers of students as a sample space to calculate percentile. Pretty nasty.
    I was in slot 3 and scored less marks than previous year. Less attempts with less accuracy(VARC).


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