How to crack MBA CET 2021

Hope this finds you in good health! As mentioned in my last post, we conducted a session on ‘how to crack MBA CET 2021’ which had a fantastic response. We discussed the CET structure, past cutoffs, MMS vs PGDM, test taking strategy, and what toppers do differently. Here is the recording of the session.

I hope you find this useful. Please leave your questions in the comments and I will get back at the earliest. Stay tuned for more updates and articles. Happy prepping! šŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “How to crack MBA CET 2021

  1. Vaishnavi Salunke

    Hello Sir,
    I had doubt regarding future scope at JBIMS. Will there be adverse effects due to delayed admission at JBIMS even for the upcoming batch( CET 2021 Exam takers). This whole situation specially in state has worried me if is it worth trying now or later.


    1. PS

      Hi Vaishnavi! The 2020-22 batch has definitely suffered in a significant manner as summers are already done at other campuses. JBIMS 2020-22 batch has just started in the online manner for now. The upcoming batch shouldn’t have a problem because the 2021-23 batch won’t start with actual college prior to July 2021 anyway.


    2. Faaiza Khan

      Hello sir, I am currently in the third year of my college and I wish to appear for the CET exams. I’m confused about few stuffs i.e when should I appear for my exams this year or in the year 2022? And how long before should I start my CET preparations? Also the span of the MBA course is 2 years but as last CET exams got delayed and also the admissions for MBA so if this happens again will my year go waste?


      1. PS

        Hi Faaiza! As you are in the final year of graduation, I recommend taking the test in 2021 itself. Considering the delay, you still have a good amount of time before the test. Start your prep right away. šŸ‘



    Is IMS going to challenge the incorrect qs in CMAT exam of both the slots?

    Coz If all the candidates start challenging the qs and pay for it then we might just end paying more money for the same qs
    So it’s better if IMS does it on behalf of its students right?


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