CET 2020 Result: Way forward

We conducted a session on CET 2020 result analysis and addressed the common questions that students have with respect to CET admission. Please find below the video of the webinar on our YouTube channel.

CET 2020 turned out to be slightly difficult than previous two years. When I analyzed the score distribution, in every bracket, we have fewer students compared to what we had in CET 2019 and CET 2018.

Score RangeCET 2020PercentileCET 2019PercentileCET 2018Percentile
161 to 165NANA399.99299.99
156 to 160199.99799.99199.99
151 to 155399.991099.98799.99
146 to 1501099.992499.961599.97
141 to 1451599.975399.913599.94
136 to 1404899.9310299.816099.88
131 to 13511599.8219099.6213599.74
126 to 13020299.6430899.3223999.5
121 to 12537599.346898.8737899.12
116 to 12049498.8669698.1955098.56
111 to 11569798.2394397.2786897.47
106 to 110104997.28129496.02117496.49
101 to 105130996.1161294.45145695.01
96 to 100185494.42197792.53184793.14
91 to 95211292.51224990.34226990.84
86 to 90270490.07276387.65260188.2
81 to 85328087.1328484.46304085.12
76 to 80390583.57372280.84356281.5
71 to 75469779.32438276.58424977.19

Based on the past cutoffs and the major changes this year, we have predicted cutoffs for 2020 admission.

Keep visiting this space for more updates on CET admission, cutoffs, topper’s interviews, and preparation strategies. Please get in touch if you need any help. If there are any queries, please leave them in the comments below and allow me a few days to get back. Share this with your friends and co-aspirants. Happy prepping! 🙂

5 thoughts on “CET 2020 Result: Way forward

  1. Hi Sir,

    I had a couple of queries regarding the MBA CET admission process:

    1. On what parameters are the rankings decided for the candidates with same percentile/ score?

    2. Roughly how many candidates get admission in JBIMS under All India category (out of 18 seats) based on the CET scores?

    Thanks in advance.


    1. PS

      Hi Viraj.

      1. The DTE brochure specifies that candidates are ranked on the basis of:

      Provided that, in case of tie, the relative merit of Candidates shall be resolved in
      the following order of preference and the methodology as specified below: (a) Higher percentage of marks in HSC or Diploma; (b) Higher percentage of marks in SSC; (c) Higher marks in Science subject in SSC; (d) Higher marks in Mathematics subject in SSC; (e) Higher marks in English in SSC.

      2. No definite information available on this. It will vary every year. They don’t have a fixed number of seats for CET in AI.

      All the best!

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  2. Disha Lodha

    Hi Sir ,
    I have a query regarding JBIMS MSC Finance course:

    1. How should be the profile to get into MSC finance and upto what percentile should apply for this course?

    Thanks in advance


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