MBA CET 2022 – Result and Cutoffs

Hi everyone! The result of the Maharashtra MBA CET 2022 was announced yesterday. The result can be checked on this link. In this post, we will look at the probable cutoffs of CET and talk about the next steps. Before we get there, please submit your slot and percentile data here: Form link which will help us in conducting a slot specific analysis.

The process from here will be:

  • A Notification on the CET cell website announcing Centralized Admission Process (CAP) rounds will be released
  • The students (both Maharashtra, non-Maharashtra, students who are applying with CMAT/CAT scores, etc.) need to submit the CAP form indicating institute preference. We suggest entering the institute preference in the order in which cutoffs are shown below
  • The CAP form automatically finds the ‘candidate type’ based on the the data entered by the students and we recommend students to gather all their documents (category, birth certificate, domicile certificate, income proof, etc.) beforehand
  • A state and all-India merit will be created based on the data and documents submitted by the students. This merit number is used for subsequent admission process. The students will also get their category ranks
  • Two CAP rounds are conducted for admission and if there are any vacant seats, the admission is conducted directly at the institute through ACAP round. Since very few seats are left, we don’t recommend students to rely on this and try to get through in the first or second round itself

Having covered the process, let’s look at the cutoffs now. There are a few important points to keep in mind:

  1. The CET scores were not revealed this time so we are not in a position to comment anything on the cutoffs in terms of scores. The scorecard reveals only the percentile obtained by the students
  2. The percentile cutoffs of last year may simply be used to understand the chance of getting a college in the first or second round.
  3. The cutoffs vary due to multiple parameters. This year, especially because of the late conduct of CET, there are three types of candidates who have taken the test. (1) Students who really want to take admission this year through the CET (2) Students who have already joined some other b-school but who are taking CET only for JBIMS or SIMSREE etc. for a better brand and ROI (3) CAT 22 students who otherwise would have looked at CET 2023. So, those who fall in category (2) and (3) and have got a low score will be out of the race.
  4. The final admission is conducted on the basis of ranks and only once we get to know the ranks, we can better estimate which b-school the student will finally get.

The CET cutoffs of CAP round 2 of CET 2021:

As mentioned earlier, use this data to understand your probable options. The final cutoffs might vary. To find out cutoffs of institutes of the other institutes, please refer to the following links. Once you open the document, search for the name of the institute and it will show you category wise cutoff, both in terms of rank and percentile.

Maharashtra state candidates – CAP round 1 cutoff

Maharashtra state candidates – CAP round 2 cutoff

All India candidates – CAP round 1 cutoff

All India candidates – CAP round 2 cutoff

Hope you’ve found this post useful. Please share it with your friends. Subscribe to the blog and to our YouTube channel. We will be making videos and writing post on the admission updates. Stay tuned! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. All the best! 🙂

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