Case Analysis: Frameworks and Approach – Part 2

Hi! Thanks for the response on the first part of this series. I received a lot of comments on WhatsApp and there were a few comments on the post as well. Most of you asked for an actual case to practice. In this post, I am sharing a generic case that all of you can practice. Generic cases have ‘soft’ problems and the solutions tend to be simpler than traditional business cases with data. Have a look at the case and try to come up with solutions/recommendations.

Ravi Sebastian, senior HR manager of a global firm, was on his way to work. Ravi, once upon a time used to be on wheels, frequently traveling to different branches of the organization. For past two years, his role demanded him to be in a particular newly setup branch.

He was comfortably driving in his car listening to the saxophone record played by one of the renowned artists. He smiled to himself and hoped that the day would be as pleasant as the city weather and the music that he was listening to. He reached the work place and parked his car in the parking lot of office premises and climbed up to his cabin in first floor.

Ravi’s cabin was decorated with beautiful scenery wall pictures and few framed certificates which he won in this organization. His table had a portable stand carrying photos of his family members and a telephone which was silent at that moment. He occupied his seat and picked up his phone to order for a coffee. His phone started whistling and he picked up to say “Good Morning, this is Ravi”. Akshay, a senior associate and the vertical head of the organization spoke on the other end requesting for an immediate meeting with Ravi. His voice demonstrated the urgency of the meeting.

Both Ravi and Akshay met in a conference room. Akshay produced hard copies of the resignation letters by four of his associates. He briefed about each of the associates and requested Ravi to do something about it and bring back their services to the organization before they made up their minds to quit once for all.

Ravi returned to his cabin and stared at the letters for a while. He thought he would spend some time with each one of them, understand their problems and do something to retain them back in the organization. He was trying to recollect the details given to him by Akshay during their meeting earlier today.

The first letter carried the name of Ms. Ashwini. She was working as a project manager under Akshay. Ravi checked her records to know more about her. She had recently returned from maternity leave. She is proud mother of a cute angel, baby Anoushka. Her performance records showed satisfactory remarks by her peers and supervisors.

Ravi moved on to the next resignation letter which read the name of Mr. Gupta who had been working as senior sales manager and is associated with the organization for more than 12 years now. Ravi grazed his records to have some details prior to meeting him personally. To his surprise, Gupta was on sick leave till end of this week. Ravi marked his calendar to meet him during earlier part of next week.

He then moved on to third resignation letter that carried the name of Mr. Rajesh. Rajesh had been associated with the firm for about 15 years. His major responsibilities included roles such as relationship development and new business acquisition. Ravi learnt from few trusted sources unofficially that Rajesh was about to join their immediate competitor.

Ravi finally took the last letter on hand and read the name as Ms. Sunidhi. Her records provided information that she had been working as an assistant consultant in Strategy department. Her primary role was to help business development and there by the vertical growth. She was one of the few senior most women associates of the firm in a higher designation in the organizational hierarchy of the firm.

Put yourselves in the shoes of the HR manager Ravi and think of your course of action. Think in all possible angles, build upon them and justify your views. The participants are expected to approach the issues in creative and innovative manner. All Assumptions must be stated.

You can submit your analysis in the comments section and I will reply with my comments. This case is taken from one of the events that I had participated in during my MBA program. I have modified some parts of it to make it more concise.

Hope this helps! Please give your feedback in the comments section and if you want me to cover any specific points. The next post is almost ready and will be up by tomorrow. Do share with your friends and co-aspirants. Happy prepping! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Case Analysis: Frameworks and Approach – Part 2

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  2. Tanuj Maniar

    Firstly, I will interact with Mr.Rajesh.I will try to hear from his mouth that he is joining competitor.I will ask for the reason as well.If it is salaryproblem,than I will give incriment beacause he is associated with the company from last 15 years and he knows every part of firm.Than I will call Ms.Ashwini,as She had recently returned from maternity leave,I will ask if is there any family problem or can’t able manage family and job.If this is the reason to resign,i will offer work from home beacause she is team friendly and she will manage up to the mark from home also.As Ms.sunidhi was one of the few senior most women associates of the firm in a higher designation in the organizational hierarchy of the firm,I am assuming that she had performed exceptionally well and I will try to take him on board at any cost.As Mr.gupta serving the firm from last 12 years I will try to know the reason behind resigning and will try to give him justice as well .


  3. Darsh Shah

    The very first question arises here is “Why all four want to leave at the same time!???”
    1) Is there any replacement for the position of project manager and appointed new one -Is he misbehaving (may be rude behavior with Mrs.Ashwini ? If, yes then what about Mrs.Ashwini’s contribution in past years? Mrs. Ashwini should be appointed again as a project manager in a new project.
    2)Are Mr.Gupta planning something different than his present job role in his sick leaves? If he wants to upgrade himself and if it seems feasible then the company should provide him the same.
    3)What are the factors which attracted Mr.Rajesh to join company’s immediate competitor?
    All the factors should be discussed openly, And if seems feasible, he should be kept in the company only even providing some extra amount of salary/promotions as he knows all the aspects of the company.
    4) As Ms. Sunidhi is at the higher designation in the company, It should be know if there is any discrimination with her as compared to Senior male associate. If,yes those aspects should be discussed openly with her and problems should be fixed in a simpler manner.



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