JBIMS Admission Process

In this article, I will explain the admission process followed by Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS). Most of the students, especially the ones who are not from Maharashtra, have some common misconceptions about CET and JBIMS. I’ve also come across cases in the past where students were misguided by others who weren’t clear about the process themselves. My attempt through this post is to clarify the JBIMS MMS admission process and I hope it puts an end to all the doubts.

Disclaimer 1: JBIMS followed this process for the 2019-21 batch and we’re hoping that the process will remain the same for 2020-22 batch as well. JBIMS is yet to announce the official process. In case there are any changes, I will update this post.

Disclaimer 2: This post deals only with the flagship MMS course and does not deal with the MSc Finance, 3-year part-time, and 2-year full-time MHRD course. In case there are any queries about these courses, leave them in the comments section.

The admission to JBIMS happens through a Centralized Admission Process (CAP). To describe in short, all the eligible students who’ve taken CET or any other qualifying tests (more on this later) fill a common preference form for all the institutes that accept CET score for the MMS program. The students are then assigned an institute based on their merit score/rank and preference. At the end of each round, students get options to confirm their admission or participate in the subsequent rounds to better their option. I will cover the detailed process of CAP rounds closer to the rounds in 2020. For now, let’s move to JBIMS seat distribution.

This year, the admission was supposed to take place as per the following seat distribution.

However, the autonomous institutes don’t have HU-OHU bifurcation (HU refers to Home University and OHU refers to Outside Home University) as per page 36 of MBA CET brochure. So though this raised the hopes of Mumbai University candidates, it was an error. In about three weeks from the release of this, the new distribution was released which merged the HU-OHU split, and referred to the combined set as ‘state seats’ (Source: JBIMS Seat Distribution):

JBIMS Seat Distribution of 2019-21 batch

The number of seats available for each category also got impacted because of SEBC/EWS reservation which was sub judice then. Though the process got delayed significantly and it was extremely frustrating for all the students involved, the admission process was completed on the basis of this new seat distribution matrix.

For the state level seats, JBIMS accepts the Maharashtra MMS/MBA CET score. If you’re a student whose candidate type is Maharashtra State Candidate based on the parameters defined by the Government (Refer Page 5 of MBA CET brochure), you can take the CET and apply for the State seats.

In addition to this, Maharashtra state candidates can also apply for All India seats through other tests such as CAT, CMAT, MAT, ATMA, XAT, and GMAT as long as the score is valid for the admission during Academic year 2019-20 (Refer Page 10 of MBA CET brochure). This means that a Maharashtra candidate has a better chance of making it to the institute, however, one can apply under one category only. Let me clarify this through examples:

A is a Maharashtra state open category candidate and has scored 95 percentile in CET and 99.99 in MAT. Clearly, he/she won’t get JBIMS state seat with 95 percentile in CET. But he/she can apply under the All India seats and get JBIMS.

B is a Maharashtra state open category candidate and has scored 99.97 percentile in CET and a 99.96 percentile in MAT. If this person applies under All India seat, he/she won’t get JBIMS as the AI cutoff is typically 99.98. So, it makes sense for him/her to apply for a Maharashtra state seat with his/her CET score and get a definite admit.

That leaves us with All India candidates. This covers all the students who don’t fall under the Maharashtra State Candidate definition (Refer Page 5 of MBA CET brochure). Such students can take the CET and all the other tests such as CAT, CMAT, MAT, ATMA, XAT, and GMAT as long as the score is valid for the admission during Academic year 2019-20 (Refer Page 10 of MBA CET brochure). Let me clarify this through examples:

C is a candidate who has spent all his/her educational life in Delhi and doesn’t fall under any of the definitions of Maharashtra state candidate. He/She takes CET and gets a 99.99 percentile. He/she can apply under All India seats through his/her CET score and get a sure admit.

D is a candidate who has spent all his/her educational life in Rajasthan and doesn’t fall under any of the definitions of Maharashtra state candidate. He/She takes CET and gets a 90 percentile and takes CMAT and gets a 99.99 percentile. He/she can apply under All India seats through his/her CMAT score and get in.

Some short answers to FAQs:

1. I am a non-Maharashtra candidate. Can I take CET?

2. I am a non-Maharashtra candidate. How many seats am I fighting for?
15% of the intake = 18 seats in JBIMS

3. I am a non-Maharashtra candidate. Should I take other tests?

4. I am a Maharashtra candidate. Should I take other tests?

5. Do I need to fill a separate form for JBIMS?
No. You’ve to apply through the CAP.

6. What are the timelines for CET and CAP?
CET in March, CAP rounds in June/July/August.

Whether you’re a Maharashtra or a non-Maharashtra candidate, you can take the CET and the remaining tests (CMAT, MAT, ATMA) and create more opportunities for yourself.

Why I am stressing on CET/MAT/CMAT/ATMA and not CAT/XAT for All India is because the CET Cell doesn’t distinguish between a 99.99 in CAT or 99.99 in MAT, though the 99.99 in CAT is far more difficult to achieve. Most 99.99 percentile scorers in CAT or XAT typically convert IIMs or XL and don’t wait for CAP rounds. Lastly, it doesn’t make sense to put all your hopes on one test when you can potentially take more and hedge yourself.

Important Documents:

  1. MBA CET brochure
  2. JBIMS Seat Distribution
  3. JBIMS allotment list
  4. JBIMS Case Verdict

I hope the process is clear. If there are any queries, please leave them in the comments below and allow me a few days to get back. Share this with your friends and co-aspirants.

PS: This is the last post of 2019. Happy new year to all the readers! May you all get through your dream institutes and find happiness at the end of the preparation journey! 🙂

51 thoughts on “JBIMS Admission Process

  1. Abhishek jain

    I was born in Nanded, Maharashtra
    So can I apply for Maharashtra seats

    As my mother was a resident of Maharashtra as she has done all her schooling in the state.


    1. Olivia

      Can you help me understand how to apply through CAP? Please provide me with the link. And I have a Maharashtra domicile certificate with me. Im planning to appear for MHCET, MAT & ATMA. What if i end up scoring well in only one of them, will I still be eligible for JBIMS just through any one of them?


      1. Hi Olivia. Yes. You will be eligible. You don’t have to crack all the tests but taking more tests improves your chance of doing well. As mentioned in the post, CAP rounds have not started so there is no link available right now. The rounds will begin only after CET results.


    2. Priyanka

      As mentioned in one of the above examples, are you sure that JBIMS still accepts CMAT 2020 score?
      If yes, please mention the expected cut off, if possible.


      1. Hi Priyanka! As mentioned in the post, 99.98 or 99.99 because DTE/CET Cell doesn’t differentiate between an ATMA or a CMAT or a MAT or a CET and accepts all these tests for All India seats.


      2. Vaibhav khairnar

        Hello sir,
        Generally how many students get in JBIMS through MAT exam?
        MAT is conducted 4 times a year, so will 99.99 percentilers of each of these get admission in JBIMS?
        What if there are several 99.99 percentilers?


    3. I have Maharashtra State domicile and completed my graduation from Mumbai University but my SC caste certificate validity is from Madhya Pradesh. In which category do I fall? Am I still considered as reserved category or Open for JBIMS?


      1. Hi Yash. Not sure about this specific case. It’s better to check with the authority. As per the brochure:

        “All the reservations shall be applicable to candidates belonging to Maharashtra State only subject to the fulfillment of the eligibility criteria specified by respective authorities from time to time.”


    1. Hi Rohit! I will cover the MMS PGDM details in a post soon. To answer your question, for MMS program, there is no GD/PI. But when you apply to Welingkar PG or SIES PG, you’ve to go through the institute GD/PI process.


    1. Hi! The admission process for MSc Finance and MHRD program is conducted by JBIMS. Both have a GD/PI process. You will have to check the institute website for more details and the official announcement typically happens post CET (April/May).


      1. Lokesh yadav

        Hi sir I am appearing for CET 2020.Will JBIMS accept MAT&ATMA 2020 and how many students get in JB through above 2 ? I mean top 1/2 or top 5?


      2. Hi Lokesh. Can’t say for sure but there is a chance. If the rounds start late the way they did last time, May scores will be accepted is what I think.

        There isn’t any official communication on this. We will have to wait and watch. Regarding the number of students, they haven’t defined anything as such (for example, x from December MAT, y from May MAT or top 2 from each MAT, etc).

        All the best!


  2. Ishaan Deva

    Sir I don’t understand what is meant by Maharashtra state domicile. I moved to Mumbai with my family in early 2005, and while we have all lived here ever since, from the period of 2014-2018, I was pursuing my undergraduate education in the USA, coming home for about 4 months a year during that period.

    Based on the above, am I eligible for Maharashtra State seats?


    1. Hi Ishaan! Domicile certificate is a proof that’s required for admission. You will find more information on the following URL. I suggest contacting the local Collector/DM office for more details and see if you can get it done for yourself. If yes, then you will be considered a Maharashtra state candidate. That’s not the only proof required as per the official document. Even a Maharashtra state birth certificate should be fine. https://www.indiafilings.com/learn/domicile-certificate-maharashtra/


    1. Hi! No. Based on what they’ve done in the previous year, a candidate who wants to apply in the All India category and has not taken CET, has to pay 1,000 Rs and apply directly for CAP whenever the rounds begin. This information is given on page 16 of the CET brochure shared in the article.

      When I was a student, everyone had to register for CET and whether the candidate appears for CET or not was secondary.

      But why take a risk? You can take the CET and see how you perform. You never know. May be that’s the test that takes you to your dream institute.


    1. Hi Himani! Yes. As mentioned in my post, that’s how things were for the 2019-21 batch. A 99.99 in MAT would have given you a direct entry under All India category.


    1. Hi Mahesh! Unfortunately, there is no reliable source for this. All the available papers are memory based and have errors. It’s better to take SimCETs instead which are remarkably close to and sometime even more difficult than the actual test.


  3. Vishal Bapat

    If I am student from Maharashtra and scored less than 99.98 percentile in CET. I have not given any other exams. Can I apply through All India seats using CET marks??


    1. Hi Vishal! If you’ve scored 99.98 in CET and you’re from Maharashtra, where is the question of All India? You will easily get JBIMS Maharashtra state seat with a 99.98 in CET.


      1. Muskan

        I am not from Maharashtra and want to apply for CET. But I have heard something that there should be one NRI person in the family. Is it true?
        I hope there is not any condition like that!


      2. Hi Muskan! No. There is no such requirement for All India seats. However, if you belong to NRI, you can apply under NRI Quota. You will find the details in the CET Brochure. I have shared the link in my article.


  4. Srikanth

    I am a Maharashtra candidate.
    Via Cmat what is the cuttoff for jbims and the no of seats i am fighting for?
    Also, is there a separate form to be filled for admission to sydneham and jbims via cmat score.


    1. Hi Srikanth! As mentioned in the post, if you decide to apply through your CMAT score, you’re competing for 15% All India seat. As you’re a Maharashtra candidate, it is better for you to apply as a State candidate with CET score where you’re eligible for 85% of the seats. In which category you should ultimately apply will depend on your score in CMAT and CET.

      To answer your second question, there is only one CAP form that you need to fill for all participating institutes. So the first step is to register for CET, take CET, and eventually fill CAP form once the results are out.


  5. Aditya Nevrekar

    Hello sir, this is Aditya Nevrekar,
    I wanted to ask if JBIMS accepts the MAT score or its contingent.
    Also on the MAT Registration page, there’s a column on the PARTICIPATING B schools List in which JBIMS doesn’t appear.
    Thus, I needed some clarification, humbly request you to help soon. Thank you for the post.


    1. Hi Aditya! JBIMS accepted MAT score for the 2019-21 batch and since there is no announcement as of now, the process most likely will continue to remain the same. In one of the years, they removed AI and reintroduced it. Let’s hope there are no surprises this time.

      On the MAT registration page, you’ll not find JBIMS and that’s how it is. Even when I took MAT long time back, JBIMS didn’t appear in the application form. That’s true for ATMA as well. But I guess both ATMA and MAT have some arrangement with the participating institutes where scores are directly sent to these respective institutes.


  6. Mrinal kumar

    Really informative and detailed post, absolutely loved how you cleared everything. I was looking for something like this and your post was it. I just have a question though, you said in your post that DTE accepted MAT and ATMA scores for OMS students in 2019, will they also accept MAT and ATMA February 2020 scores for admission to MMS programme in colleges.


    1. Thank you, Mrinal! Yes. There is a high chance that JBIMS will accept all these tests. I’ve edited the post to add the JBIMS case verdict. Please go through it. TL;DR: The All India quota will continue to remain.


  7. pc

    Are cmat 2020 scores accepted by jbims admission process 2020? And being a non Maharastrian , is it mandatory to take CET or just any of the others(CMAT/CAT/XAT) would do?
    Please advise


  8. Mininath Jirage

    Hi PS,
    In this blog, I got all the details related to JBIMS seat distribution. I belong to the SBC category (Maharashtra State Candidate), but it is nowhere mentioned the %ge of seats allotted to the SBC category.
    May I know the details regarding the same?


    1. Hi Mininath! You can go through the JBIMS allotment list and figure out how many students were admitted through the specific category. I’ve shared the document in the post.


  9. Abhilash

    Hello Sir!
    I read at many places that JBIMS has stopped accepting MAT & ATMA scores. Could you please help and give some clarification on it asap?
    I would be really grateful.


    1. Hi Abhilash! As I’ve mentioned in the post, JBIMS did accept it in 2019. Whether they will accept it or not this year, that’s anybody’s guess. We can only work with what we already know. Better to take the tests and keep the score ready in case they accept. If they don’t, there is nothing that we can do about it anyway. The process, unfortunately, works terribly slow and we’ll get clarity closer to CAP rounds of 2020.


  10. Rishi

    I wanna pursue MBA from JBIMS …now I wish to know whether I need to fill separate application form before appearing for cet (open category) …i am appearing for CMAT and mat as well …….though i read cap round but there only mms is mentioned


    1. Hi Rishi! JBIMS doesn’t offer an MBA program and the flagship program equivalent to MBA is the MMS program. The admission process, as mentioned in the post, is CAP (Centralized Admission Process). You don’t have to fill a form right now. Apply for CET, wait for the result and the next phase of the admission process only after CET result.


    1. Hi Prachi. Looking at the past cutoffs, 99.83 won’t be enough to get into JBIMS. Try taking CET and scoring higher and in MAT, if you are planning to take it. All the best!


  11. Kunal Bhardwaj

    Hello Sir, I am from Uttar Pradesh. But I have passed my 10th and 12th from Maharashtra. Will I be considered as Maharashtrian candidate?


    1. Hi Gaurav. Can’t say for sure but there is a chance. If the rounds start late the way they did last time, May scores will be accepted is what I think. There isn’t any official communication on this. We will have to wait and watch. All the best! 🙂


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