First post!

Greetings! This is my first post on this blog and I would like to start by sharing some preliminary thoughts regarding this blog and the kind of things aspirants would get to see here.

For most of the MBA aspirants, especially the ones based out of Maharashtra, the MBA test season begins with CAT (technically NMAT) and ends with Maharashtra MBA CET. And if you ask aspirants why they prefer CET, they typically end up saying the following: (1) No negative marking, (2) No post-test selection process in the form of GD PI, and (3) It’s easy!

Though all these things are true to some extent, CET isn’t easy. The format of CET (200 questions in 150 minutes) makes it extremely difficult to crack. Add to that the high number of aspirants and low number of seats available. All this makes it a high pressure situation.

The aim of the blog is to provide strategic inputs that aspirants can use to improve their test taking. I intend to go at a granular level and explain the preparation strategy that takes aspirants to a 99+ percentile. Through this blog, my aim is to also share recent developments, application processes, and anything that may add value to MBA CET aspirants.

What do I expect from the readers of this blog? Participation! Please share your queries, concerns, ideas for blog posts, or any feedback that might help me achieve the objectives of this effort. And needless to say, share this with as many co-aspirants as you can. May the tribe grow! 🙂

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